Art Therapy combines visual art making and psychotherapy in a creative process aimed at improving a person's physical, mental, and emotional well being.  People of all ages can benefit from art therapy and previous art experience is not necessary. All materials are provided. 

I help adults and children with

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • managing transitions

  • grief and loss

  • career changes

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I'm Debbie

Making art has profoundly changed me.  It's helped me connect to my most authentic self and provided me with an expression that has become essential to my well being.  I’ve learned through experience that art heals us quite naturally. It’s soothing and helps us feel better when our emotions are getting the best of us.  When therapeutic art making is done with intention and in the presence of a qualified art therapist, the results can be quite dramatic.  The final work can give us insights into ourselves and our life situation. It can help us heal our traumas and find creative solutions to our problems.   Read more about me.


Workshops & Services

Individual sessions typically involve weekly or

bi-monthly sessions and can last several months depending on your needs.  ​



You can organize your own group and theme if you have a minimum of 5 people or you can  join an existing workshop.  

Creating art together offers opportunities
for healing, sharing ideas, creating new relationships, and experiencing new points
of view.


Community Art Making