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Victoria Native Friendship Centre

I have had the pleasure of working on and off with the Victoria Native Friendship Centre (VNFC) since moving to Victoria in 2017.  I've worked therapeutically with individual clients and created a number of art therapy projects/groups in collaboration with staff and volunteers.

Youth Drop-in Groups

In 2017 I created a 5-week art program at the VNFC's  youth drop in center.  In order to give youth an opportunity of experiencing a variety of art materials we set up several stations that youth were free to explore to help find new ways to express themselves through the safety of art making.  


Language Groups

Working with elders and language groups, we've used art therapy to help create a healing environment for Indigenous people to reconnect with their language.  This was especially important given the loss of language is often steeped in trauma.  Working in this manner helps uncover a variety feelings related to reconnecting to such a vital part of Indigenous culture.

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