You can book individual sessions directly on my website or by calling. Individual sessions typically involve weekly or bi-monthly sessions and can last several months depending on client needs. Many people start with weekly sessions then decrease them over time, only coming in periodically when support is needed.  I book individual sessions with people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.


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Working artistically at a community level can have powerful effects. The more people that are involved, the more varied and creative the end product can be. Creating art together offers opportunities for healing, sharing ideas, creating new relationships, and experiencing new points of view. Long lasting effects are felt when the art created together remains in a public place were community members can see the results of their work and new people are exposed to it.  It offers the opportunity for a community to come together and strengthen their ties by working together and leaving something beautiful behind as a testament to their work.


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When kids are struggling it can be really hard to know what to do as they are still too young to process their feelings.  Art making is a safe way to provide an outlet for frustration, sadness, or other complicated feelings without having to explain what might be wrong when they themselves don't understand. Kids naturally work these things out through play and art. Through their work, we gain insights into what they are struggling with and how we can better support them.  Art therapy with kids helps soothe anxiety and build self-esteem.

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Another option for receiving art therapy is as a group.  You can organize your own group with a minimum of 5 people or you can choose to join an existing group. Groups tend to run for a period of 6 weeks. If you would like more information about how to book your own group, contact me !


Workshops are 3 hours in duration and offer an excellent opportunity to stimulate creativity and explore art as therapy.  Workshops can be easily adapted as an add-on to existing programming or can stand alone.  Choose a theme from below or contact me and we can create a customized workshop together.

  • Women in Transition

  • Express Yourself!

  • Nurturing your creativity

  • Exploring Trust

  • Discovering Joy

  • Understanding Love

  • Managing Transitions

  • Finding Meaning


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Working artistically together is a great team building experience.  When paired with the appropriate theme, art can strengthen relationships, be a source of new ideas and serve as a tool for workplace innovation.  

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If you aren't sure if art therapy is for you, book a free 20-minute consultation before committing to a full session.  Consultations can happen over the phone or in person depending on your preferences.

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